Your Brand is One of Your Most Valuable Assets!

Square Thunder Does Branding Right.

We understand that your brand is so much more than your logo. A logo is just one of the visible components that help express your brand. Your brand is a strategy, a culture, an attitude, a set of guidelines that govern how you present yourself. Square Thunder can help you create or update all of that.

That said, it stands to reason that the simplest way we can show you our branding work is to show some sample logos that we've worked on. Please bear in mind that all of these were designed not in a vacuum, but fully supported by the strategies and guidelines that accompany the final products.

Dynamic Dental

This is an interesting branding case, in that Square Thunder did NOT design the logo. We were contracted to design a counter-card and business card. However, we did significant work on developing the brand identity. We did copy-writing and editing of existing materials to better convey the message. We also developed the company tag-line and helped shape their overall "visual direction."


We worked closely with this new early childcare provider to develop first a name for the business, but also the visual representation of who they are. This logo incorporates hand drawn letters, a carefully selected palette, and some visual elements that align with the brand's strategy and business goals.

Joy Network

Our collaboration with The Joy Network goes back many years. In 2008 we updated their logo to reflect some changes in their culture. Then in 2012 we began a significant overhaul to their brand. This work involved a complete re-design. This organization was restructured as an umbrella that operates a radio station, a mission outreach program, and a network of media professionals. We designed a family of logos for each. Work for Joy has also included a new website, and various printed materials.

Coull Bikes & Skis

A new bike & ski shop opened up, and contracted with us to do some updates on a logo that had been designed by a friend. In addition to this, we designed a printed postcard campaign, stickers that were applied to all of their inventory, other printed materials, and graphics for social media.

Megiddo Paintball

Square Thunder worked with a paintball field to help with naming the company, and we designed a logo and various marketing collateral materials. We've done posters, brochures, forms, photography, and a couple iterations of a website for Megiddo. On top of that, it's a fun place to go and shoot each other!


We worked with this fun local specialty toy store. We started with brainstorming and naming exercises, and subsequently designed a logo, colour schemes, and other collateral material. We've also done POP graphics, loyalty coupons, business cards, signage, and in-store displays.

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