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We Make Awesome Happen.

Our job is to help businesses like you visually communicate who you are and what you do. This results in better exposure and a consistent message, which ultimately boils down to increased sales and higher revenue. You've worked hard to build an awesome business. We can help you get that message out and bring customers in!

100% Chance of Awesome!

Your Brand is More Than Your Logo!

Be confident about how your company, products, and services are portrayed. We design branding that sticks in your clients' minds, and we can coach you on how to maintain that consistency across all your marketing fronts. From logos, to typography, to messaging, to language, and overall branding strategy — all of these are components of how you express who you are. At Square Thunder, we have the skills and tools to help with all of it!



Graphic Design Like You've Never Seen Before!

From stationery to packaging to publications, good design makes the best impression. We can design it all, and have it printed and shipped right to your door. Square Thunder can work with you to design a targeted direct-mail campaign, and help you get a clear report on the effectiveness of a mail-out to accurately measure and track ROI.


Designing & Building for Any Screen

We build functional and easy to use websites that look good AND work great on any screen. In fact, we've been doing this for more than 15 years! Square Thunder can create a beautiful website for your company, and we offer a broad range of capabilities: from complex database-driven content management systems, e-commerce and payment integrations, to beautiful image galleries, blog and social media content, to brochure-ware sites and product landing pages.


Commercial Photography

Our photos enable you to effectively communicate your message. Square Thunder can capture unique, engaging, and personalized images that are yours and yours alone. We shoot corporate portraiture and commercial photography that align seamlessly with your brand guidelines, your strategy, and your business goals.


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