Design That Looks Good and Works Right on Any Screen.

SEO That Leads to Sales!

Design for any screen.

We started designing web sites back not long after Al Gore invented the internet...back when we had to code things by hand and do everything the hard way. Now there's plenty of tools to make the job a little less painful, but we still make sure that our web work behaves on any device. Whether it's a big fancy desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smart-phone, we optimize bandwidth and still serve up a great looking and highly functional experience.

SEO that Generates Leads and Drives Conversions

Square Thunder designs websites that not only look awesome, but that are useful to your business. We make sure that your spiffy new site is found when your people search for your product or service. We build sites and help write content that walks your potential customers through a rock solid funnel that can capture contact info, generate real leads, and ultimately to conversions and sales.

Here are a few sites that we've worked on:


Kaitting's Bearings

We worked with Kaitting's to design and implement a landing page that cleanly highlights their products and services as an industrial ball-bearing distributor. This site has both desktop and mobile versions.

CHILD Studies

We designed and built a site that discusses the approach and findings of a research project for the University of Calgary. This research project was originally based out of the University of New Brunswick. The website features a significant database-driven content management tool that allows the program administrators to update the site's content and manage other aspects of the website.

Billy Ward

Billy Ward is an internationally acclaimed drummer based in New York. We designed a website to highlight his career and his music. It includes a shopping cart that allows him to sell albums and instructional material, and also serves as a portal to a discussion board for his fans.


Square Thunder designed a website for a family-owned paintball field. The site includes an image gallery that displays photographs in various categories. The site is responsive in its design, meaning that it scales appropriately to fit the screen.

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Design That Looks Good and Works Right on Any Screen.

SEO That Leads to Sales!

Design That Looks Good and Works Right on Any Screen.

SEO That Leads to Sales!